Developing more precise and more accessible treatment alternatives for patients with solid cancers

Cartherics works to create precisely-defined immunotherapy treatments to combat a variety of cancers. We take a multi-platform approach combining the best components of immune defences utilising gene editing and CAR technology.

Our team has strong backgrounds in research, development, and product commercialisation. And we partner with leading commercial and academic groups with complementary technology to push the boundaries of cell therapy for cancer.

Our Technology

Novel “off-the-shelf” immune therapy

Cartherics is developing its novel “off-the-shelf” (allogeneic) immune therapy products for the treatment of cancer based on immune killer cells. The company is developing large-scale manufacture of these CAR-iNK cells for application in human trials.

Our technology seeks to harness the power of Natural Killer (NK) cells, T cells & macrophages within the immune system, to fight against solid tumours. We’re researching a portfolio of allogeneic therapies that increase safety, efficacy and accessibility compared to existing CAR-T therapies.

Our Technology
Our Expertise

From labs to marketplace

Our strong background in successful research, development, clinical testing and commercialisation of pharmaceutical products and medical services makes us exceptionally well placed to drive an innovative company achieving successful clinical and commercial outcomes.

  • NK and T cell specialisation

  • Stem cell research
  • Preclinical immunotherapy R&D
  • Advanced clinic grade immune cell manufacture
  • Oncology
  • Clinical trials management
  • Strategic partnerships
  • International experience
  • Product commercialisation
  • Business development / licensing
  • Grant acquisition
  • Financing
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