Welcome to Cartherics

The future of cancer treatment : off-the-shelf cellular immunotherapy for cancer.

At Cartherics we are developing the next generation of improved and optimized Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR)-T cell products.

We use three unique proprietary approaches to produce individual CAR-T products that can be used by a large number of cancer patients.  These three novel technologies set Cartherics apart from other CAR-T companies:

  • Development of CAR-T cells expressing two or more receptors specific for cancer stem cells to avoid the cancer escaping recognition, and also to enhance the attachment and killing by the CAR-T cells.
  • Allogeneic stem cells that can be used for compatible transplants for cancer therapy.
  • Production of a limitless supply of cancer killing CAR-T cells, using proprietary differentiation to create fully functional T cells engineered to contain the selected CAR and T cell receptor (TCR) genes.

              NOTE: This platform will be enhanced by the production of a panel of CAR-T cells specific to a variety of cancers including solid tumours.