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We’re partnering to build a sophisticated immunotherapy industry in Australia – and beyond

Cartherics has close ties with Cell Therapies Pty Ltd, The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (PMCC) Centre of Excellence in Immunotherapies, Monash University, The Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI), ToolGen Inc, Catalent Inc, Shunxi Holding Group Ltd and a number of other institutions and companies worldwide.

In addition to its allogeneic products, Cartherics has undertaken early development of an autologous CAR-T product (CTH-004) in collaboration with PMCC. This will be taken into Phase 1 clinical trials in ovarian cancer. Shunxi Holding Group Ltd has been granted a licence to develop, manufacture and commercialise CTH-004 for the treatment of ovarian cancer in Greater China.

Research Collaborations

Partnering with us

Cartherics is seeking partnerships to explore the potential of our technology across ovarian and gastric cancers.

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