“Super charging” the immune system to fight cancer

In healthy individuals, immune system cells called T-cells identify and kill infected or abnormal cells, including cancer cells. Cartherics is harnessing the body’s immune system to target and kill cancer by arming T-cells with ‘seek and destroy’ capacity.

Cartherics is developing two cancer-killing technologies:

  • CAR (Chimeric antigen receptor): CARs are engineered molecules that, when present at the surface of T‐cells, recognize cancer cells and activate killer T-cells.
  • TCR (T-cell receptor): TCRs are naturally occurring molecules on a T-cell. TCRs can be engineered to better recognise cancer cells, enabling T-cells to kill them more efficiently.


  • Has filed patent applications on its technologies.
  • Has established collaborations with leading commercial and academic groups with complementary technology to develop novel products.
  • Is creating a portfolio of state-of-the-art intellectual property to support the commercialisation of affordable, effective CAR-T technology.

 Cartherics uses both CARs and TCRs to boost tumour cell recognition and destruction – the basis of our “GoldiLox™” products.