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Cartherics is a Melbourne-based biotechnology company focused on cell-based immunotherapy solutions that can rearm the body’s immune system to combat a variety of cancers. We are developing CAR-NK cells that are genetically modified and expanded for treating solid tumours.

Our Technology

Innovating cancer therapies

We’re developing more precise and more accessible treatment alternatives for patients with solid cancers. CAR-T and CAR-NK cell therapies show potential to treat many cancers. Cartherics’ ‘off-the-shelf’ approach for deriving immune effector cells from gene edited induced Pluripotent Stem cells (iPSCs) will simplify the manufacturing and distribution process, providing the potential to reach many more patients in a cost-effective way.

Our Technology

Investment highlights

Market leading innovator:

Strong scientific expertise and know-how of the manufacturing and distribution process. Portfolio of state-of-the-art intellectual property to support the commercialisation of affordable, effective CAR-iNK and CAR-T technology.

High quality and experienced management team:

Cartherics has a strong research team experienced in immunology, stem cell and cancer biology, product development, animal cancer models, patenting, product development and commercialisation.

Strong Partnerships:

Long-term relationships and established collaborations to leading commercial and academic groups with complementary technology to develop novel products.

4M state-of-the-art R&D facility:

Cartherics has just launched a $4 million in a state-of-the-art lab that will help strengthen the company’s research and manufacturing capabilities, as well as support the local innovation ecosystem.

Cartherics in the Media

Cartherics: Leading the Charge in Immunotherapy for Solid Tumours

By Karen Loudon / March 19, 2024
At Emergence 2024, Cartherics’ COO, Dr Ian Nisbet was interviewed by Wholesale Investor. In the interview, Ian discusses the company's...
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Cartherics to present and exhibit at Emergence 2024

By Karen Loudon / February 22, 2024
Cartherics is pleased to announce that it will be attending Emergence 2024 – The Era of Abundance investment conference at...
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Cartherics’ CEO discusses the future of solid tumour therapy

By Karen Loudon / February 15, 2024
Cartherics’ CEO, Prof. Alan Trounson AO was recently interviewed by Wholesale Investor to discuss the company’s latest developments and the...
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Cartherics do?2024-02-29T16:41:16+11:00

Cartherics is a biotechnology company focused on developing innovative cancer therapies. We have developed immune killer cells (NK Cells) that are genetically modified and expanded for their therapy for solid tumours (ovarian and gastric cancers).  Our primary focus is on therapies that involve gene editing stem cells made from donor umbilical cord blood and the manufacturing of immune killer cells that can be available to cancer patients “off-the-shelf”.

What are Cartherics key technologies?2022-11-24T10:58:26+11:00

Cell biology; cell culture and expansion; gene editing using lentiviral vectors or CRISPR/Cas9; assessment of genomic stability of stem cells and their differentiation products; animal models for cancer; immune cell biology and function assays; differentiation of pluripotent stem cells into T cells, Natural Killer (NK) cells, macrophages and other immune cell types; Immune cell killing function in vitro; assessment of immune cell therapies for control of human cancers.

What is Cartherics model and how does it generate revenue?2022-11-24T10:58:21+11:00

Cartherics has developed a platform technology that underpins production of immune therapies based on different killer cell types, multiple CARs targeting cancer antigens, and suppression of immune inhibitory genes that can prevent the cells ability to attack tumours. The products evolving from the pipeline will be developed through clinical trials and partnered for development and commercialisation with other and larger biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

How does Cartherics develop its technologies?2022-11-24T11:01:01+11:00

Cartherics has a strong research team experienced in immunology, stem cell and cancer biology, product development, animal cancer models, patenting, product development and commercialisation. The research team generates the new ideas and brings these to proof of principle, the translation team generates the preclinical data, and the development team develops the products for clinical trial. Products are progressed in the product pipeline based on careful assessment of the intellectual property (IP) environment, generation of new IP and/or negotiating rights to third party IP, assessment of efficacy in animal models and evaluation of the clinical need.

What differentiates Cartherics research and innovation?2022-11-24T10:57:58+11:00

Cartherics approach is to utilise the power of pluripotent stem cells, which are immortal and may be gene edited, to produce a continuous stream of products with therapeutic potential as “off-the-shelf” availability for patients with intractable cancers. The potential to mix and match CAR targets, immune cell types (T cells, NK cells, macrophages, etc.) with check-point inhibitors, antibodies and other vehicles for cancer control is a powerful therapeutic platform that is different to any other company operating in this space.

What is Cartherics growth strategy?2024-02-28T15:48:00+11:00

Cartherics was formed in 2015 and began work in 2016. The company opened new state of the art PC2 and clean room laboratories close to Monash University. The company is establishing clinical scale product manufacturing and plans to enter clinical trials in 2025 (first autologous product) with other products closely following. The pipeline of products is growing, and the company has the capacity to continue to expand as it receives further grants and investment. The company has a strong work ethic and there are great opportunities for staff to grow with the company. It has strong connections to Monash University, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and other key partners that enables an innovative environment to flourish and expand.

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