‘Off-the-Shelf’ Immunotherapy Gets Special Treatment in Special Issue of The Journal Cells

Thanks go to Special Editor, Cartherics CEO Alan Trounson

By Leigh Dayton, 17 January 2022

Cellular immunotherapy is revolutionizing cancer treatment, and off-the-shelf or allogeneic, treatments are beginning to replace technologies developed individually for each patient.

This is good news because the potential of allogeneic therapies is great. They promise to significantly save time and cut costs compared to individualised, or autologous, treatments.

In Cells special issue ‘Allogeneic Cell Cancer Immunotherapies” editor Alan Trounson introduces five papers from leading research teams, including two from Cartherics’ scientists. They all tackle the major scientific hurdle the new technologies face: possible rejection of treatments by patients’ immune systems.

Trounson is impressed by the solutions presented. “Early progress is encouraging, but the outcome of human clinical trials remains essential to evaluate the safety and efficacy of these new allogeneic cell therapy approaches,” he notes.

The Special Issue is now available here.