Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) – Natural Killer (NK) Cells – Looking good for cancer therapy

As published in Drug Target Review

 Professor Alan Trounson, AO

Dr Huimin Cao

Dr Aleta Pupovac

The suitability of NK cells for cancer therapy has been challenged by some investor and business interests because of limited efficacy data from clinical trials, but is this really a valid belief at the present stage of development of the immune therapy […]

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Rearming the body to fight cancer

Cartherics is currently undertaking a new capital raise to initiate clinical trials for its lead allogeneic cell therapy for ovarian cancer. CTH-401 is the only NK cell product currently under development that targets the adenocarcinoma specific antigen – TAG-72.

The company is looking to raise up to AU$20 million to support its ongoing development activities and […]

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Cartherics announces new capital raise to initiate clinical trials for its lead therapy for ovarian cancer

Cartherics is pleased to announce that it is currently undergoing a capital raise, looking to raise up to AU$20 million to support its ongoing development activities and complete all activities in preparation for the first clinical trials of its lead, allogeneic cell therapy for ovarian cancer. The financing will also allow Cartherics to advance its […]

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Importance of building Australia-China biotech collaborations

China is Australia’s greatest two-way trading partner in products and services, making up close to one-third of the nation’s international trade, as per the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Commerce. Resources and energy make up the largest share of Australia’s exports to China, with iron ore, natural gas and gold leading the way.

There are a number […]

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Life Science Success podcast with Prof. Alan Trounson

Cartherics’ CEO, Prof. Alan Trounson, was recently a guest on Life Science Success podcast. Hosted by Dr Don Davies, this episode of the podcast discusses the future of cancer treatment and the importance of developing more precise and accessible treatment alternatives for patients with solid cancers.

Key discussion points from the podcast:

  • Alan Trounson has a […]
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Cartherics appoints new Chief Scientific Officer

Melbourne, Australia, 17 October 2023 –  Cartherics Pty Ltd (“Cartherics” or “Company”), a biotechnology company developing immune cell therapies for the treatment of cancer, announced today that it has appointed Dr Walid Azar as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), effective immediately. He holds extensive experience from a diverse scientific background encompassing both academic research and […]

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Ovarian cancer is not ovarian cancer

Cartherics’ Dr Ian Nisbet (Chief Operating Officer) and Kathy Skoff (Clinical Trials Manager) recently attended an ovarian cancer symposium in Sydney, organised by Ovarian Cancer Australia and sponsored by AstraZeneca and GSK.  It was an excellent event, with an exceptional panel of speakers who provided overviews of the different types of ovarian cancer along with […]

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Combining new and existing immunity: a 3D approach to killing cancer

by Richard Boyd and Aleta Pupovac

A question which has long baffled scientists, frustrated clinicians and devastated patients is why does the immune system so effectively defend against infections but so poorly deal with cancer? What lessons can be learnt?

Thanks to a molecular biology-led revolution in immunotherapy, we are now beginning to strategically apply the immune […]

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Heather Hawkins Ovarian Cancer Journey

Heather Hawkins, Cartherics Board Advisor and patient advocate, shares her personal journey with ovarian cancer in the hope that it will help raise awareness of the importance of early diagnosis.

My ovarian cancer journey began in December 2006.

At the time I was a 41-year-old busy working mother of two, running a film and video production company […]

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Bio Connections Australia 2023 promotes science commercialisation

Commercialising science and technology is key to the continued growth of Australia’s vibrant life sciences industry. Translating research into real-world results has important implications for consumers and businesses alike.

Bio Connections Australia 2023 was held today at Crown Promenade Melbourne with an important focus on translation, drug development and expediting Australia’s science into commercialisation.

The forum […]

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