Life Science Success podcast with Prof. Alan Trounson

Cartherics’ CEO, Prof. Alan Trounson, was recently a guest on Life Science Success podcast. Hosted by Dr Don Davies, this episode of the podcast discusses the future of cancer treatment and the importance of developing more precise and accessible treatment alternatives for patients with solid cancers.

Key discussion points from the podcast:

  • Alan Trounson has a rich background in reproductive sciences and stem cell research. He has been instrumental in the development of human IVF and embryonic stem cells and has also led the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (2007-2014) with a $3 billion budget.
  • Cartherics aims to redefine cancer treatment through immunotherapy. The company is working on off-the-shelf stem cell derived CAR-NK and CAR-T therapies that are designed to be low-cost and widely accessible, aiming to make cancer a manageable condition rather than a terminal one.
  • The company differentiates itself by focusing on overcoming immune inhibitors in solid tumours and recruiting the patient’s own immune system for a more effective treatment. They are also involved in gene editing to extend the life of CAR-NK and CAR-T cells and make them more effective.
  • Cartherics is in discussions with the FDA and plans to enter clinical trials by 2025. They are also collaborating with various international partners, including companies in Korea, China, Malaysia, and Australia, to bring in innovative ideas and technologies.
  • Trounson is enthusiastic about the science and the potential impact of their work. He believes that getting the science right is crucial for achieving the expected outcomes and is excited about the broader scientific developments in the field.

Watch or listen to the podcast here: