Go CARTeam Go ! update from the halfway mark …….

Ovarian Cancer Australia set the challenge and Cartherics accepted in winning style

By Leigh Dayton 22 November 2021

It was a challenge that had to be met.  “This November, walk or run 4km every day and raise funds to support women living with ovarian cancer,” proposed Ovarian Cancer Australia (OCA), a not-for-profit organisation which supports women diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Given that their own company is developing affordable treatments for cancer, particularly ovarian cancer, it was inevitable that eight Cartherics women would literally step-up, form the CARTeam and do their best for the four women who – every day — are diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  Only 46% will survive. Accounting Team Manager Alicia Mellors’ response to OCAS’s challenge set the tone for many CARTeam members. “I’d been looking for a charity walk where the fundraising went to one of the lesser charity-funded cancers” she recalls. “When I heard the ladies at Cartherics had created a team for the [challenge] I jumped at the chance to help them raise their funding goal.”

Publications Officer Aleta Pupovac agrees, adding that she is “grateful” to be participating in this cause and “very proud” to be part of CARTeam.

“We are well on our way to reaching our goals and have already helped contribute to much-needed support for women with ovarian cancer,” Pupovac adds.

Cartherics’ Executive Assistant Karen Loudon observes that Pupovac is more than correct. Their original “Workout 4 Women” goal was to walk, hop, skip or even swim 500 kilometres[chk] and rise $500.

Today, wearing their teal-coloured outfits, CARTteam has completed over 820 kilometres and received $1,990 in donations, with high hopes for more of both to come.

According to Loudon, tackling the challenge of helping women with ovarian cancer has benefited her own health.

“Knowing that I need to get some steps in has been good for making me aware of the need to move away from my laptop regularly.  A practice I hope to continue after this fundraiser,” she says, noting: “It’s easy to sit in front of the screen for too long.”

CARTeam’s success delights PhD student Rachelle Duffin at several levels. “Having just lost a family member to cancer, I know how hard-hitting cancer of any type is, and how important research into finding cures for cancers are,” she explains.

“Also, working in the field, I can appreciate just how important it is to get funding for research, and I’m so proud of CARTeam for smashing our fundraising goal,” Duffin says.

Oh, and Duffin’s dogs have also enjoyed the walks.

Office-bound supporters of CARTeam can contribute to the cause. Donations can be made with a theoretical hop, skip and a jump at https://www.ovariancancer.net.au/my-fundraising/1335/carteam