CRC-P Grant, 4th round selection announcement – success for Cartherics.

Cartherics has been advised by the Hon Craig Laundy MP (Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science) that its application “Allogeneic Stem Cell Cancer Immunotherapies” in the 4th Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Project Funding round has been successful.

Cartherics’ application was one of just 15 successful applications out of a total of 70 received in the 4th CRC-P round.

Under the grant, Cartherics and its CRC-P partners (Cell Therapies Pty Ltd, Mesoblast Ltd, Monash University and the Hudson Institute of Medical Research) will develop ‘off-the-shelf’ immunotherapy products for cancer based on novel, specially selected, cell lines. As few as three rare triple HLA homozygous donor cells are histocompatible with a large percentage (~50%) of the Australian population. These will be used to create haplotype induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) that can be infinitely expanded. These iPSCs will be gene edited and differentiated to become cytotoxic T cells with multiple targeting receptors for use in clinical trials of relapsed ovarian and gastric cancers.

Cartherics is proud to be selected as a participant in the CRC Program, which has a long history of developing real world solutions to improve the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Australian industries.