Cartherics is ‘Frocking Up’ this month in support of ovarian cancer research

Cartherics is delighted to be participating in Frocktober – Australia’s most fashionable month-long fundraiser to raise awareness and funds for vital ovarian cancer research through the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF).

Ovarian cancer is Australia’s most lethal gynaecological cancer, taking more than 1,000 lives each year. With a five-year survival rate of only 48%, there is an urgent need for research to give those diagnosed a better chance of survival.

Cartherics’ Board Advisor and ovarian cancer survivor Heather Hawkins said, “As a survivor, I long to see the statistics for survival improve. I’m looking to the future, particularly with treatments like Cartherics’ which will bring significant, positive change – saving and improving the lives of women all around the world.”

There is an unmet need for new treatments options for patients with ovarian cancer as more than 80% of ovarian cancer patients experience a recurrence after initially having successful surgery and treatment.

Professor Alan Trounson AO, CEO of Cartherics, said, “Ovarian cancer is a dreadful disease that we are targeting for effective therapy – let’s join Frocktober and our patient advocates in making ovarian cancer a manageable experience.”

A Cartherics page has been set up for donations: