CAR-T Funding is Reaching Staggering New Heights

A survey reveals nearly US$100 market capitalisation

23 February 2021

A survey conducted by Washington DC based BioInformant assesses the growth of the CAR-T arm of immunotherapy research and development. The summary is posted below.

At first the trend was subtle, but the tide has swelled as CAR-T therapies like Kymriah, Yescarta, Tecartus, and Breyanzi have reached the market place and created a CAR-T funding craze. CAR-T start-ups have been richly funded by investors eager to get into this trending
area of regenerative medicine.

In aggregate, there has been nearly $100 billion of market capitalisation from CAR-T companies within recent years. Financing rounds by CAR-T companies are approaching a total value of $4 billion, while CAR-T industry partnerships contribute another $2 billion.

M&A activity has been particularly aggressive, with Celgene snagging Juno Therapeutics for $9 billion in 2018 and Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) acquiring Celgene for $74B by 2019. Gilead’s acquisition of Kite Pharma for $11.9 billion also made waves, as did other transactions such as Astellas Pharma’s acquisition of Xyphos Biosciences and its CAR-T technology for $665 million.

Ranging from small start-ups to billion-dollar companies, CAR-T companies are proliferating in all healthcare markets worldwide.

To characterise this funding environment, BioInformant has released a 56-page CAR-T cell market brief.

It summarises all types of investments flowing into CAR-T companies worldwide, including financing rounds, IPOs, M&A transactions, co-development agreements, and strategic partnerships.

It also profiles 100+ market competitors that are developing CAR-T technologies.

It features the following information for the CAR-T industry:

  • Financing Rounds
  • IPOs
  • Asset Agreements
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • M&A Transactions
  • Companies Profiles for 100+ CAR-T Competitors

You can use it to:

  • Quantify CAR-T industry investments
  • Identify well-capitalised companies
  • Scout potential partnerships and alliances
  • Understand partnerships and co-development programs for CAR-T technologies
  • Identify M&A activity within the CAR-T industry

While this research was originally compiled for our own use, with the recent explosion of CAR-T funding, more and more clients have been requesting access to it. It is available for purchase.