Australian Actor Tom Long cancer-free after medical trial

The Age, 28 July 2019

By Melissa Cunningham

Former SeaChange actor Tom Long was on the brink of death when he boarded a flight to the United States in April to take part in a medical trial for terminal blood cancer.

He arrived in Seattle with sunken cheeks and a body ravaged by chemotherapy. Weighing a little more than 60 kilograms and with about 95 per cent of his bone marrow riddled with cancer, Long was the most gravely ill of the clinical trial’s 18 participants.

“Basically, I was cooked,” Long said. “I think some nurses were just looking at me like ‘you don’t have a hope in hell.’ There was a big chance I wouldn’t come home and that I could die over there.”

The performer, 50, was given just three months to live at the beginning of the year after battling multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer that attacks the immune system, since 2012.

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