MEETING ON THE MESA: Cartherics heads to California

By Karen Loudon / September 3, 2019
By Leigh Dayton, 2 September 2019 Cartherics has been invited to present at the prestigious Cell & Gene Meeting on...
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Flow cytometry: The core characterisation technique for developing next-generation cancer immunotherapies

By Karen Loudon / August 28, 2019
CAR-T immunotherapy involves genetically engineering T-cells with chimeric antigen receptors (CARs). FLOW cytometry uses antibodies tagged with fluorescent markers that...
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Monash University Student Open Day

By Karen Loudon / August 27, 2019
A student development evening was held again this year on 26 August 2019 at Monash University Clayton where Professor Graham...
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Can an immune strategy used to treat cancer also wipe out HIV infections?

By Karen Loudon / August 12, 2019
Drugs work stunningly well to control HIV—but not in everyone, and not without side effects. That's why a small cadre...
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Clinical Trials Bite Off Chunk of CAR T Therapy Market

By Karen Loudon / August 6, 2019 About a quarter of lymphoma patients eligible for the cancer treatments are opting for experimental—and free—options instead. Jul 30,...
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CAR-T Cell Cancer Therapy to Save Lives (Media Release)

By Karen Loudon / August 5, 2019 The Victorian and Commonwealth Governments work together to make CAR-T Cell Therapy available to patients CAR-T Cell Therapy is...
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Australian Actor Tom Long cancer-free after medical trial

By Karen Loudon / July 29, 2019
The Age, 28 July 2019 By Melissa Cunningham Former SeaChange actor Tom Long was on the brink of death when...
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Cartherics’ research team just got bigger

By Karen Loudon / July 18, 2019
As of July, the number of scientists sharing the work load in Cartherics’ laboratory hit an even dozen.  That’s thanks...
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Patent office reopens major CRISPR battle between Broad Institute and Univ. of California

By Karen Loudon / July 3, 2019
STAT Biotech - By Sharon Begley @sxbegle JUNE 25, 2019 The U.S. patent office has declared an interference between a dozen...
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Cartherics shareholders Thao and Luyen Nguyen at the June 2019 Board Meeting …….

By Karen Loudon / June 24, 2019
Cartherics shareholders Thao and Luyen Nguyen at the June 2019 Board Meeting with Cartherics Chairman Bob Moses and CEO Alan Trounson celebrating...
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Australian Biotechnology “REALITIES” : From the Laboratory to the Marketplace

By Karen Loudon / June 7, 2019
Cartherics’ Chairman Bob Moses has over 40 years of executive experience in life science companies. You name it, he’s been...
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Science and Technology priorities – Election 2019

By Karen Loudon / May 8, 2019
MEDIA RELEASE 8 May 2019 Parties use science to set themselves apart .... The major parties have laid out their science...
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The Next Frontier of CAR-T Cell Therapy: Solid Tumors

By Karen Loudon / April 4, 2019
The Technology has wowed the field by all but obliterating some patients' blood cancers, but sold malignancies present new challenges...
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Miracle Elixirs

By Karen Loudon / April 4, 2019
A long way into the quest to vanquish cancer, our ears strain to hear the words, “Cancer is cured”- a...
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