Rearming the body’s immune system to fight cancer

We’re developing more precise and more accessible treatment alternatives for patients with solid cancers

Pioneering excellence in the field of immunotherapy

Cartherics creates precisely-defined immunotherapy treatments to combat a variety of cancers. We combine the best components of immune targeting utilising gene editing and CAR technology to advance cell therapy to provide more diverse off-the-shelf treatments for patients. Our team has strong backgrounds in research, development, and product commercialisation. And we partner with leading commercial and academic groups with complementary technology to push the boundaries of cell therapy for cancer.

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‘Revolutionary’ cancer drug using genetically modified cells approved (Kymriah)

By Karen Loudon / December 19, 2018
Sydney Morning Herald (By Esther Han) 19 December 2018 — 12:00am A revolutionary cancer therapy that supercharges a patient's...
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Meet our newest recruit

By Karen Loudon / December 18, 2018
Research Assistant Callum Docherty explains why immunology is his passion and advancing cancer therapy is his goal. I’ve always had...
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Come Hell Or High Water

By Karen Loudon / December 4, 2018
Cartherics Communications Adviser Leigh Dayton reveals the lengths Cartherics co-founder and immunologist Richard Boyd will go to for a good...
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