Cartherics is ‘Turning Teal’ this February in support of ovarian cancer

Cartherics is delighted to be hosting a Teal Tea this February to raise awareness and funds for people affected by ovarian cancer.

Ovarian Cancer Australia’s Teal Ribbon Day is an initiative that aims to start conversations that change lives. It will increase awareness of the disease and help raise funds to support people affected by ovarian cancer.

“Thank you so much Cartherics for your amazing support. Your wonderful team goes above and beyond – not only with your ground breaking research – but your care and commitment to support those impacted by ovarian cancer.” Heather Hawkins, Cartherics – Board Advisor and Patient Advocate.

Each year in Australia around 1,720 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In most cases the cancer will be diagnosed at an advanced stage, where it is very difficult to treat.

Hosting a Teal Tea is a great way to bring people together to share knowledge and stories, it allows for time to really engage in the topic, understand the challenges facing those impacted and ultimately to help by raising funds.

“Cartherics aims to have two products targeting ovarian cancer in the clinic in the coming years.  We hope these products will provide new treatment options for patients. In the meantime, we are proud to support ovarian cancer patients through initiatives like the Teal Ribbon Day.” Dr Ian Nisbet, Cartherics – COO.