Presentation at the Next Generation CAR-TCR Summit (London, UK)

Cartherics Chief Development Officer, Dr Nicholas Boyd

CAR-T immunotherapy has exploded over the last half a decade. It is now a billion-dollar market that is expanding rapidly with over 400+ new cell therapy trials in 2021 alone. But challenges still remain in solid tumours, toxicity management and manufacturing innovations. Stakeholders across oncology and beyond are now turning to next-generation developments and technology to create the therapies of tomorrow, NOW!

This week Stakeholders are meeting at the Next Generation CAR-TCR Summit in London, UK. On Friday 25 February at 2:45 am AEDT – in a presentation entitled Allogeneic Solid Tumor Immunotherapy using iPSC-Derived Gene-Edited iNK Cells, Nicholas will discuss why the design, manufacture, delivery and cost of Cartherics’ allogeneic ‘off-the-shelf’ approach is superior to patient-derived allogeneic cell therapies.

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