How can I partner with Cartherics?

Interested parties with compatible technologies should contact Cartherics to determine the opportunities for developing joint research and clinical translation. Those interested in partnering with Cartherics on the clinical trials are also encouraged to contact us to explore rights and licensing opportunities.

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How can I join Cartherics?

Cartherics is always seeking intelligent, enthusiastic scientists and medical researchers with appropriate skills in immunotherapy and molecular biology, who enjoy the challenge of world class research, working as a co-ordinated team to provide advanced therapies aimed at transforming the quality of life of cancer patients. Please contact us.

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How is Cartherics advancing cell therapy?

Cartherics has an autologous CAR-T product treating ovarian cancer, entering clinical trials in 2024-25. The lead allogeneic product is expected to enter clinical trials for ovarian cancer in 2025. There is a pipeline of additional products focused on solid tumours following close behind. The Cartherics platform is expected to bring significant options for effective therapy […]

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How is Cartherics technology different to other immunotherapy treatments?

The Cartherics allogeneic (off-the-shelf) technology is based on umbilical cord blood cells from rare histocompatible donors that are converted to stem cells (iPSCs) and gene edited to introduce CARs and to knock-out genes that inhibit immune function. These are then converted into CAR-T or CAR-NK cells to enhance the patients’ own immune system to combat […]

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How does the technology work?

Chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) are antibody fragments linked to activation molecules, that recognise molecules specifically present on the surface of cancer cells. These CAR complexes are genetically engineered into the immune cell (T cell or NK cell) genome and expressed on their surface. When the antibody fragment engages with the cancer cell, the activation molecules […]

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What is Cartherics growth strategy?

Cartherics was formed in 2015 and began work in 2016. The company opened new state of the art PC2 and clean room laboratories close to Monash University. The company is establishing clinical scale product manufacturing and plans to enter clinical trials in 2025 (first autologous product) with other products closely following. The pipeline of products […]

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What differentiates Cartherics research and innovation?

Cartherics approach is to utilise the power of pluripotent stem cells, which are immortal and may be gene edited, to produce a continuous stream of products with therapeutic potential as “off-the-shelf” availability for patients with intractable cancers. The potential to mix and match CAR targets, immune cell types (T cells, NK cells, macrophages, etc.) with […]

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How does Cartherics develop its technologies?

Cartherics has a strong research team experienced in immunology, stem cell and cancer biology, product development, animal cancer models, patenting, product development and commercialisation. The research team generates the new ideas and brings these to proof of principle, the translation team generates the preclinical data, and the development team develops the products for clinical trial. […]

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What is Cartherics model and how does it generate revenue?

Cartherics has developed a platform technology that underpins production of immune therapies based on different killer cell types, multiple CARs targeting cancer antigens, and suppression of immune inhibitory genes that can prevent the cells ability to attack tumours. The products evolving from the pipeline will be developed through clinical trials and partnered for development and […]

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