Cartherics makes homework fun

Research Fellow Nicholas Boyd shows the lab to the Fitzroy Homework Club.

It was a big pleasure to be involved recently with some aspiring young students from Fitzroy Homework Club. The opportunity was a workshop on Advanced Immunotherapy and a laboratory tour run at Cartherics 19 December 2019.

I feel lucky to work here at Cartherics, there certainly is a rich culture within our team to foster new opportunities and reward hard work. And thanks to Fitzroy Homework Club’s Co-ordinator Joseph Lorback, I had such an opportunity, an opportunity to connect with high school students eager to learn about the next generation of cancer therapy treatments and the day-to-day realities of working in a R&D based biotech laboratory.

As a part of the The Brotherhood of St Laurence charity, Joseph and his team help students, particularly those from diverse culture backgrounds, with their homework and exam preparation. They open pathways to tertiary education and new career opportunities. Their support network, mentorship and role within our community is nothing short of exceptional.

The year 12 students who visited Cartherics – Ibrar, Omar, Mahnoor and Safeia – are absolute go-getters and focused on pathways to medicine, biotech and medical research.

Sharp, creative and enthusiastic, they all have a real flare for this world. I have no doubt that these skills, combined with their knowledge of advanced cancer therapy, will lead them to very exciting opportunities in the near future.

I also have no doubt that these four bright lights will have a major impact within the Australian biotech community over the next decade.

Left to right: Fiona (Homework Club assistant), Mahnoor, Safeia, Ibrar, Omar and Dr Nick Boyd.