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Cartherics Pty Ltd is an Australian proprietary company limited by shares.  Incoming investors receive shares in Cartherics Pty Ltd.

CAR-T cell therapies show potential to treat many cancers without the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

  • Existing CAR-T treatments are difficult to manufacture and, in the territories where they are currently approved, cost as much as AUD$500,000.
  • Cartherics’ ‘off-the-shelf’ approach will simplify the manufacturing and distribution process, providing the potential to reach massively more patients.

Cartherics has committed funding of AUD$5 million under a Series A financing round and a further AUD$3.75 million under a Series B financing round, together with grant funding of almost AUD$3.5 million.

It plans to increase its total funds available by another AUD$3-5 million through a Series C financing round in 2019 to drive first in man clinical trials for cutaneous T cell lymphoma and/or ovarian cancer using Cartherics first product, designated CTH-01.

Cartherics has substantial growth potential. It is modestly valued at $40million (as at the close of Series B). Competitors are valued from US$600million to US$10billion.

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