WELCOME to The Pipeline, the place where Cartherics team members share occasional news and views.

“From the Bench to Biotech”

December 6, 2019
Keen to see biotechnology make the leap from the laboratory to the marketplace? If so, join Cartherics CEO Professor Alan Trounson and a panel of experienced innovators Monday 9 December at University House, University of Melbourne. Chaired by Dougal Edwards, CEO of business accelerator Bright Arena, the panel will discuss the...
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Cartherics welcomes doctoral student Van Thi To

December 5, 2019
Pictured from left to right : Professor Richard Boyd (Cartherics CSO), Van Thi To, Professor Graham Jenkin (Cartherics Education Officer). Van Thi To, a newly enrolled PhD Student with Cartherics, has received the prestigious inaugural Vingroup Science and Technology Scholarship Program. Vingroup is one of Vietnam’s largest private conglomerates in...
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How ToolGen met Cartherics

September 16, 2019
To borrow from Louis Pasteur, ‘collaboration’ favours the prepared mind … and networking helps, as ToolGen’s Jae Young Lee well knows Left to right : Jongmoon Kim, ToolGen CEO and Alan Trounson, Cartherics CEO shook hands and signed the papers whilst Cartherics Chairman Bob Moses looked on.        ...
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The Social Costs of Delaying Effective Cancer Treatment Using CAR-T Immunotherapy

September 5, 2019
CAR-T therapy can save lives and boost benefits to society … if it’s delivered promptly, says Cartherics CEO and Executive Director, Alan Trounson 5 September 2019 Using the tools of biotechnology and immunology to help transforming cancer from a fatal to a manageable --- or even curable – disease holds...
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Cartherics’ research team just got bigger

July 18, 2019
As of July, the number of scientists sharing the work load in Cartherics’ laboratory hit an even dozen.  That’s thanks to Research Fellow and haematologist Madeline Cao who joined the team from CSIRO where she worked on haematopoietic stem cells with Susie Nilsson’s group. At Cartherics her focus is the...
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Australian Biotechnology “REALITIES” : From the Laboratory to the Marketplace

June 7, 2019
Cartherics’ Chairman Bob Moses has over 40 years of executive experience in life science companies. You name it, he’s been there: Eli Lilly, ICI Australia, CSL Limited, Freehills, Amrad, Meditech, Daratech, Australian Stem Cell Centre, TGR Biosciences, and two Cooperative Research Centres. Based on his depth of knowledge, Bob discusses...
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From Bangladesh to Melbourne …… via Perth

March 25, 2019
Ms Rasa Islam is Cartherics’ first full-time PhD student. She’s joining the team under a prestigious Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Project Grant entitled “Allogeneic Stem Cell Cancer immunotherapies”. As part of the CRC-P Program, Cartherics offers high calibre students PhD research programs of study that include international level research training, as...
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Meet our newest recruit

December 18, 2018
Research Assistant Callum Docherty explains why immunology is his passion and advancing cancer therapy is his goal. I’ve always had an insatiable curiosity and a passion for big-picture ideas.  Growing up both my mother and grandmother had cancer.  After such an early confrontation with the absence of health -- something...
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Come Hell Or High Water

December 4, 2018
Cartherics Communications Adviser Leigh Dayton reveals the lengths Cartherics co-founder and immunologist Richard Boyd will go to for a good conversation. It was a dark and stormy night.  OK, that’s a slight exaggeration, but it was the day Richard Boyd was flying from Melbourne to Sydney to meet Governor-General Peter...
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Cartherics Corporate Adviser Dr Ian Nisbet talks about ‘what pisses him off’

November 22, 2018
WHAT PISSES ME OFF When it comes to taking ideas to market, Corporate Advisor Ian Nisbet says America’s entrepreneurial ethos leaves risk-averse Australia in the innovation dust. I’VE WORKED my whole career in the biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry.  Sometimes in business development, sometimes in drug development, sometimes in project management, sometimes in...
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Communications Adviser Leigh Dayton talks to Cartherics Scientific Board member Jacques Miller – the man who discovered the function of the thymus gland yet didn’t win the Nobel Prize.

November 9, 2018
IMMUNOLOGIST Jacques Miller did not win this year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. He didn’t win it last year or the year before that. In fact, the French-born Australian has never won the prize. “For more than four decades, people officially invited by the Nobel Committee to select potential...
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Communications Adviser Leigh Dayton talked with cancer immunologist Ashleigh Unsworth

October 15, 2018
WELCOME to The Pipeline, the place where Cartherics team members share occasional news and views. To get things rolling, Communications Adviser Leigh Dayton talked with cancer immunologist Ashleigh Unsworth, Cartherics’ latest recruit. Ashleigh joins the company from Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre where she conducted breast cancer research while completing her...
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