“From the Bench to Biotech”

Keen to see biotechnology make the leap from the laboratory to the marketplace?

If so, join Cartherics CEO Professor Alan Trounson and a panel of experienced innovators Monday 9 December at University House, University of Melbourne.

Chaired by Dougal Edwards, CEO of business accelerator Bright Arena, the panel will discuss the traps and tricks of moving applied research […]

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Cartherics welcomes doctoral student Van Thi To

Listen to Van and Graham here : Hi from Van and Graham

Pictured from left to right : Professor Richard Boyd (Cartherics CSO), Van Thi To, Professor Graham Jenkin (Cartherics Education Officer).

Van Thi To, a newly enrolled PhD Student with Cartherics, has received the prestigious inaugural Vingroup Science and Technology Scholarship Program. Vingroup is one of […]

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Recharging California’s Stem Cell Research Capacity

Image: Robert Klein is finalizing a ballot initiative that asks California voters to re-fund the state’s stem cell agency.


Cartherics CEO Alan Trounson discusses developments at the agency he headed from 2007-2014

Bob Klein is proposing to bring a second ballot initiative to Californian voters […]

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Cartherics Board Member Bryan Williams wins 2019 ICIS Distinguished Service Award

Bryan R. G. Williams, PhD, Hon. FRSNZ, FAA is honored with the 2019 ICIS Distinguished Service award in recognition of his extraordinary contributions to the cytokine research community. The 2019 ICIS Distinguished Service Award acknowledges Williams’s commitment to the ICIS and to him being an outstanding ambassador for the Society, in every regard.

Professor is […]

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Cartherics CEO Alan Trounson discusses how Precision Medicine is changing the DNA of health care

Precision Medicine – Changing the DNA of Health Care

How precision medicine is changing the shape of health – by Alan Trounson

Human disease is generally a consequence of complex interaction between our genes and the environment. Traditionally, medical research focuses on creating therapies to treat specific diseases.

This can be very effective and these therapies can have universal […]

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Registrations now open !! : Eradicate Cancer 2020 Next frontiers in immunotherapy

We are excited to announce that registrations & abstract submissions for Eradicate Cancer 2020 are now open!

The field of immunotherapy against cancers is making unprecedented progress. The Eradicate Cancer Conference “Can advanced immunotherapy make it possible?” held in March 2018 was a resounding success and the delegates have confirmed they would be there when held again. It made […]

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The Social Costs of Delaying Effective Cancer Treatment Using CAR-T Immunotherapy

CAR-T therapy can save lives and boost benefits to society … if it’s delivered promptly, says Cartherics CEO and Executive Director, Alan Trounson

5 September 2019

Using the tools of biotechnology and immunology to help transforming cancer from a fatal to a manageable — or even curable – disease holds profound benefits to individual patients and the […]

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MEETING ON THE MESA: Cartherics heads to California

By Leigh Dayton, 2 September 2019

Cartherics has been invited to present at the prestigious Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa in Carlsbad, California in October. The meeting is the sector’s leading annual conference, bringing senior industry executives together with the scientific community to advance research into cell-based therapies.

The meeting covers a variety […]

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Flow cytometry: The core characterisation technique for developing next-generation cancer immunotherapies

CAR-T immunotherapy involves genetically engineering T-cells with chimeric antigen receptors (CARs). FLOW cytometry uses antibodies tagged with fluorescent markers that bind to specific cell receptors. The labelled cells are then fed through a series of lasers and profiled using software such as FLOWLOGIC. FLOW cytometry works to […]

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Monash University Student Open Day

A student development evening was held again this year on 26 August 2019 at Monash University Clayton where Professor Graham Jenkin (Cartherics’ Education Officer) represented us. More on our PhD projects on our Education Opportunities page.

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