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Cartherics answers the coronavirus call

By Leigh Dayton, Cartherics Communications Advisor

The global COVID-19 pandemic affects all Australians, their friends and family, at home and abroad. It is having a profound and enduring impact on our society, our resilience and our health.

So, when the President of the Australian Academy of Science (AAS), John Shine, called upon researchers […]

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Cartherics Salutes World Ovarian Cancer Day – 8 May 2020

A message from Cartherics’ CEO Alan Trounson

In Australia, one woman loses her battle with ovarian cancer every eight hours. That is why Cartherics supports World Ovarian Cancer Day and the 130 organisations which promote it.

On May 8th members of the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition come together to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and the need […]

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Natural Killer Cell Therapies Catch Up to CAR T

There’s a new cell-based cancer immunotherapy on the block.

When the first anticancer therapies based on engineered T cells hit the market a few years ago, they offered the possibility of what would have once been perceived as a medical miracle: a one-shot cure for certain blood cancers. Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapies, […]

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Going Virtual at Cartherics

COVID-19 may well be responsible for shutting down much of the country, but the Cartherics crew carries on in electronically caffeinated style.

By Leigh Dayton, Cartherics Communication Advisor

It happens every Thursday. Cartherics team members gather for a Virtual Coffee Break. Everyone brings their caffeine of choice and fronts up to their home computer screen for a […]

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Good news from Cartherics

Doctoral student Anisha Balachandran has submitted her thesis with compliments all-round

By Leigh Dayton

Image from Left to right : Dr Richard Boyd (Supervisor), Anisha Balachandran, Dr Nick Boyd (Co-Supervisor).

She joined the Cartherics Cooperative Research Centre (CRC-P) PhD Program two years ago with a top reputation. Now, Anisha Balachandran is garnering even more kudos for the quality […]

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Cartherics develops people as well as ideas

Three cheers for PhD student Rasa Islam

By Leigh Dayton, Cartherics Communication Advisor

She started last March and now Cartherics’ first full-time PhD student has passed a significant milestone with style.  Rasa Islam has successfully presented and defended her year-one work – turning stem cells into effective natural killer cells.

“I’m really pleased”, says Islam who confesses to being […]

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Cartherics welcomes a new team member with a sigh of relief ……

By Leigh Dayton

When she started in January, the word spread rapidly. Publications Officer Aleta Pupovac was hired to use her passion for language, reading and writing to help her colleagues tackle the burden of preparing papers, grants, reports and the seemingly endless regulatory obligations of scientific innovation.

“My role is to liaise with the scientists who […]

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Eradicate Cancer Conference POSTPONED

The increasing number of travel bans instigated by universities, hospitals and businesses caused by COVID 19 fears has unfortunately left the organisers with little option but to postpone the Eradicate Cancer meeting originally scheduled to commence next Wednesday 25 March 2020.

In the face of a compromised conference experience with the international speakers, and now many national speakers as […]

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Cartherics makes homework fun

Research Fellow Nicholas Boyd shows the lab to the Fitzroy Homework Club.

It was a big pleasure to be involved recently with some aspiring young students from Fitzroy Homework Club. The opportunity was a workshop on Advanced Immunotherapy and a laboratory tour run at Cartherics 19 December 2019.

I feel lucky to work here at Cartherics, there […]

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“From the Bench to Biotech”

Keen to see biotechnology make the leap from the laboratory to the marketplace?

If so, join Cartherics CEO Professor Alan Trounson and a panel of experienced innovators Monday 9 December at University House, University of Melbourne.

Chaired by Dougal Edwards, CEO of business accelerator Bright Arena, the panel will discuss the traps and tricks of moving applied research […]

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