Miracle Elixirs : A long way into the quest to vanquish cancer, our ears strain to hear the words, “Cancer is cured” – a yearning that can cloud our judgment

The Scientist
Apr 1, 2019
BOB GRANT Editor-in-Chief

Cancer has bedeviled humankind since long before scientists even had a word to describe the dread disease. It is therefore understandable that our ears long to hear those magic words that will signal an end to our multigenerational nightmare: “Cancer is cured.” But this shared craving has periodically clouded our […]

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CRC-P Grant, 4th round selection announcement – success for Cartherics.

Cartherics has been advised by the Hon Craig Laundy MP (Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science) that its application “Allogeneic Stem Cell Cancer Immunotherapies” in the 4th Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Project Funding round has been successful.

Cartherics’ application was one of just 15 successful applications out of a total of 70 received in the 4th […]

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Biotech Daily reports ….. Professor Jacques Miller wins Japan prize, January 2018

Professor Jacques Miller a member of Cartherics’ Scientific Advisory Board  wins “The Japan Prize Foundation says Walter and Eliza Hall Institute’s Prof Jacques Miller and Emory’s Prof Max Cooper have won the Japan Prize for Medical and Medicinal Science. A spokesperson for the Foundation told Biotech Daily that Prof Miller and Dr Cooper would share the […]

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